Data handling terms and conditions

The organizer Baden-Württemberg International (BW_i) hired the service provider PIRATEx to set up the event platform for the event “Baden-Württemberg Digital @ Hannover Messe”. After sending your registration details, your data will be transmitted to PIRATEx and collected.

Please find the data protection information of BW_i here. You can find the general terms and conditions with the data protection information of PIRATEx here.

We have concluded a data processing agreement with PIRATEx in accordance with Art. 28 DSGVO.

With your consent, PIRATEx will send you e-mails with information and updates about the event and a link to register for our event platform Talque a few days before the event. The registration in Talque is mandatory for participation at our event and your entered data will be used for this purpose. Please find the General terms and conditions of Talque here and the data protection information of Talque here.

Service providers: For the collection of data for the aforementioned purposes, our service provider PIRATEx uses the service “Typeform“. Please find more information about data processing in Typeform’s privacy policy here.

The data is also automatically stored in “Google Spreadsheets”, which is part of the “G Suite” software series. You can find more information about “Google Forms” here. The data collected is stored on cloud storage provided for us by Google, “Google Drive”. Please find more information about data processing concerning Google Forms and Google Drive in Google’s privacy policy here.